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Trivia Quiz Mind Game

Erudite is an app that trains your brain!


Mioris - a small team that creates its own software products. Our team is fun and creative. Everyone's opinion or idea is taken into account and if it simplifies or improves something, it will definitely be done. We love what we do and it makes our products worked out to the smallest detail, forming the overall concept of a good product.

The history of Mioris began when two friends, Bohdan Kadushkevych and Dmytro Merzlyakov, spending a lot of time on a common hobby - aircraft modeling (designing aircraft models), decided to move on and create their own team step by step. Perseverance and dedication paid off.

Now Mioris is a studio whose products are used by hundreds of thousands of people around the world. And this is the merit of our team that unites people to create great products.

We have created 2 high-quality mobile applications:

1. Miogym: Speech therapy

2. Erudite: Trivia Quiz Mind Game


Our mobile applications have been downloaded over 3 000 000 times!

How It Works

Speech Therapy

Miogym application gives the great opportunity to transform training (develop facial muscles, logopedic treatment, face yoga) into an ​interesting game
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